Client: Baluarte Cultura / Instituto Souza Cruz


Instituto Souza Cruz is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower families from countryside by providing them free courses and management tools for sustainable agriculture. They also work along with six others organizations in a network named Rede Jovem Rural: a collective project that has the purpose to provide education and new social experiences for youngsters that live and study countryside. In august 2015, Rede Jovem launched it’s VI Jornada Nacional do Jovem Rural: an event that gathered more than 800 youngsters from all over the country with the purpose to develop a creative environment for the exchange of ideas and experience and discussion of new perspectives for sustainable agriculture.


  • Raise awareness around the urgent need to empower youngsters that live and study in the field areas and present the great importance of the work done by Rede Jovem Rural.



  • We developed a 5 episode web-series named #amelhorjornadadetodas (translates #thebestjourneyofall). Each episode takes the viewer for a quick look at these boys and girls perspective of the world they are living in. Check out the first episode right here
  • We also developed an institutional video and 12 animation pieces for Rede Jovem’s 10 years anniversary event, celebrated at the famous Cine Odeon in Rio de Janeiro.



More than 90 thousand views and 3 thousand shares in multiple online channels for the web-series. Here are some of the comments about it posted on social media (in portuguese).

“Lindo vídeo da Rede Jovem Rural produzido pela Indi.us” Caipirismo (site de entretenimento)

“É muito importante hoje incentivarmos nossos jovens do meio rural!” Eco Hora Comunitária de Campos dos Goitacazes

“Muito bom pessoal! Assistindo aqui de novo e de novo. E sensacional ter nossa vivência documentada” Givaldo Souza (Presidente – Cooperativa para Jovens Empreendedores Rurais)

“Mais um jovem egresso do programa Novos Rurais é estrela nessa série de vídeos incríveis” Programa Novos Rurais

“cada uma história mais linda e autentica que outra, ficava aqui ansiosa pra ver como seria o próximo…a equipe está realmente de parabéns!!!!!!!” Keu Silva (Diretora – Cooperativa para Jovens Empreendedores Rurais)










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