Dani Tinez is a Graphic and Web Designer, also Animator, Filmmaker and Photographer, who come from Jaén (Spain), where he grew up surrounded by creative influences, from photography to street art, to design and music.

After he moved to Málaga (Spain) to study Industrial Design at the University, he lived in many cities, where his inspiration kept growing non stop. He spent time in Coimbra (Portugal) and Salamanca (Spain), building a relationship with the world of filmmaking.

During his first year at the University of Salamanca, he co-founded a filmmaking company along with four classmates. After working with them for organizations like the University and the Council of Salamanca, he decided to move to the UK.

Having lived in Edinburgh (Scotland) for almost two years, life took him to the colorful city of Bristol (England) where he is proud to be living. There he has worked with many companies directly related with the philosophy of the wellbeing and environmentalism, like Love the Future, Carbon Visuals, Happy City or the Bristol Big Green Week Festival.

Now, he is always looking for new opportunities to keep learning by taking part in stunning projects.