André’s career in the advertising world started right after the graduated from Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro where he attended Communication and Film Studies. As soon as he could, he started to work as a freelancer, writing and producing corporate videos. For him, it wasn’t a very interesting job but it paid his bills. Back then, he wanted to be a filmmaker for the big screen.

During his journey as freelance producer André decided to volunteer in social causes and use his abilities to help other people. He joined NGO Cinema Nosso in order to help youngsters from underprivileged families to learn the craft of filmmaking.

“Help companies sell toilet paper wasn’t much of an achievement for me, or anyone else, it was bullshit really, but i had to do it for money and that made me feel bad”

“Advertisement has come to a point that even their creators are like: ok, now it’s getting ridiculous…all I wanted to do when I got into college was telling stories, but that was supposed to be about something….one day I realized I’m just creating BS for other people’s shitty ideas for money”

André has decided to put an end in this part of his life and open up his own film producing company where his skills would only be employed in things that matter.

And so was born

He decided to be the man up for the task of challenging companies and their common sense to make them better for themselves and their communities.

“it all depends on the nature of the relationship between society and private companies, see…for them, people will only exist as long as they have the power to purchase their product, if they don’t, they can go f…themselves…The consumer hole is the only hole companies allow themselves to address today and that’s gotta change and fast”

André combines his vast experience in creative concepts and storytelling with his strong beliefs and deep knowledge about social and environmental issues to bring companies to a new world.